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where you at, FBM?

July 25, 2011

Greetings, friends. Do you miss us? Us FBM girls are a busy lot. But, do not dismay… we are still on the interwebz… just not in this particular space very much. So where are we? Here’s a quick recap of what each of us has been up to… because we know there is an emptiness in your heart in the shape of our silhouettes…  😉



Annie is a very very busy girl these days, moments away from moving from downtown STL to her and her husband Simon’s farm. Oh. And she is one of the 2 FBM members that is pregnant!!! Squeeee! I can’t wait for this baby. See Annie’s birth announcement here. As far as the farm goes, Sauce Magazine recently did a feature on Annie and Simon and “The Farm,” and they will also be running a monthly update by the couple online… the first of which is here. We are very excited for farm parties… the food will be spectacular, the conversation engaging and funny, and the babies adorable.



Babies? Plural? Why yes. Kelli is also “In the Family Way.” See her announcement here. Besides getting knocked up, Kelli started a food podcast with local foochebags Andrew Mark Veety, Bill Burge and Mike Sweeney. Basically a bunch of funny people sitting around, getting drunk (except for Kelli, obv) and talking food with some of the most influential people in the St. Louis food scene. It’s called Stewed STL, and you need to check it out. Hilarious and interesting.

Oh, and Kelli is also starting a school. NBD. (is this chick amazing or what?!)



Kelly is spending her summer vacation making sploosh ice cream and teaching cooking classes. Check out Kelly’s class schedule here. Sploosh!



Apparently I can’t get enough blog writing in my life. My best friend from college recently started a travel blog. She’s an amazing writer and has so much traveling wisdom to share. She asked me to do some guest posts, so I wrote 3 posts about eating in St. Louis: St. Louis eating challenges, Italy via St. Louis and St. Louis: As Seen On TV. 

I also had the honor of being guest bartender on Stewed STL (mentioned above). I designed the logo for Stewed, and posted about it on my design/craft/music blog, Daydream Believer.

Oh, and I also started a twitter account for my hand, Knuckles Handerson.


That’s what we’re up to! Hopefully this is enough to get your FBM fix! We’ll try not to be strangers 🙂

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