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App-etizers: Recipe Apps

April 30, 2011

So many apps, so little time. Whenever I joke “there’s and app for that,” it usually turns out there actually is. A few weeks ago I posted some fun beer phone apps. Here are a few useful and/or fun recipe applications.

Epicurious – This has a nice list of categories including “I Can Barely Cook” and “I Cook Like  A Pro,” along with the usual “appetizers” “main dishes” etc. The shopping list is a nice touch, too.

Big Oven– This has a “Random recipe” function which can be fun. Also, Big Oven let’s you share recipes via twitter/FB. There’s a nice “Use Up Leftovers” idea section, where you enter up to 3 ingredients and it lists recipes you can use them in! That could come in very handy.

Triscuit Small Plates – recipes for Wine Lovers – This a silly little free app… advertising for triscuits, yes, but I often come up with recipes based on flavor combinations that sound good. The ingredient combo ideas in this app might just spark your creative juices!

RatioRuhlman’s companion app to his book of the same name, Ratio is a way of thinking about cooking so that you don’t need to use recipes. These are the basic foundations of meals… doughs, sauces, etc, broken down for you into simple measurements that you can use as a base for infinite possibilities.

All Recipes – I have found the All Recipes website to be one of the most useful recipe websites out there. Lots of recipes, lots of variation, and usually very helpful comments from people who have tried the recipes. The spinner aspect of this app is a fun way to get recipe ideas based on ingredient, meal type or cooking method or any combination of the three.

Cooks Illustrated – This app does not have a whole lot of recipes unless you are a member, but you can bet the few on there will be good, because the CI peeps are sticklers for testing recipes. Most of what’s here are American classics, done the best possible way.

I know there are tons more recipe apps out there… what are your favorites?

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  1. May 1, 2011 3:01 pm

    I like Bittman’s How To Cook Everything app. It isn’t free, but it’s remarkably useful, very well designed and infinitely cross-referenced, which is really handy.

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