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FBM’s Eggcelent Easter

April 22, 2011

Easter is in a few days! And you can’t have Easter without the eggs, right? Here are some of our favorite egg posts (and more):

– Eggs Jeanette – Jaque Pepin’s mother’s recipe for fried deviled eggs. So good. This post was featured in this Endless Simmer post – 100 Ways to Crack an Egg.

-Speaking of deviled eggs… Wasabi deviled eggs.

Scrambled Eggs experiment.

Egg Curry? Yes.

-Egg “Noodles.” Weird.

Egg Raviolo. Do it. Do it NOW. Gorgeous.

Eggs in Pancetta Cups.

-From Friend of the Mafia, Stef, Check out these totes adorbz Cupcakes baked in egg shells!

Spring Chicken stew.

Eggs Sardou.

Crockpot soy sauce chicken and eggs.

– Can’t talk about eggs without talking about Carbonara.

Mini pizzas with quail eggs.

Other Easter ideas:

-For your Easter party, be sure to consult these great Menuism posts by Annie about cheese for entertaining: Assembling a basic cheese board, beer & cheese pairing, wine & cheese pairing.

If you want to traumatize the kiddos, cook up some bunnies and lil’ lambs:

Roasted mustard rabbit.

Bunny with Noodles.

Lamb & Potato Stew

All about Sheep milk.

KBO’s experience at an all-lamb feast.

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