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App-etizers: Beer Apps

April 6, 2011

I finally realized there’s a WordPress app and added it to my phone. To try it out, I thought I’d start a series about food-related iphone apps. First up? Beer!!

Beer Match is an app to help you pick out a brew that will go well with your meal. It also has a cheese section! Mmmm… Beer and cheese.

Hip Hops is the column of local beer/wine writer and friend-of-the-FBM Evan Benn. The accompanying app is pretty cool; the latest beer news, beer reviews, local bar info, etc. Great job, Evan!

Beer Cloud is a good app for learning about beer styles, specific breweries and beers, and food pairings. It also can help you find where you can buy a specific beer near you!

Untappd is a social networking beer drinking program. You can add friends, tell them what you’re drinking, see what they’re drinking and where. It connects to Facebook and twitter if you want to broadcast to all your networks, also. I did once hear someone refer to Untappd as “evidence for your DUI trial.” heh.



The BJCP Beer Styles guide app is all of the info you need to judge beer, by style. BJCP is the Beer Judge Certification Program. The app tells you how all the styles should taste/smell/etc. A very good educational tool for people new to beer and veterans!

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  1. April 6, 2011 4:17 pm

    I used Untappd and think it’s pretty fun. Haven’t tried the others though I’ve been wanting to download Evan’s!


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