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made matches, installment 2

December 12, 2010

Finally! Another installment of Made Matches, in which we recommend very specific beer/wine/cocktail-food pairings. In this case, as with the first post, these are all beers. Well, and a cider. These are all great ideas for holiday parties, or for just treating yourself on a cold winter night at home.

1. Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout with Rolo Pretzels

Left Hand’s Milk Stout is one of my favorite beers. It’s roasty and dark and chocolatey, but smooth. And there really is lactose in it, so it has a fantastic creaminess to it. Rolo pretzels, for those who don’t know, are an easy-to-make, somewhat trashy snack. I love them. You simply spread some mini pretzels out on a cookie sheet, place a rolo candy on each one, heat them in the oven until the rolos are just softened, then press a pecan down on each one to smoosh the candy into the pretzel. It’s like a turtle candy, with a salty, crunchy twist.

2. Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool with brussels sprouts in cream

I totally stole this pairing from an exchange on twitter between my friends @EvanBenn and @Mo_eats. Evan writes the Hip Hops column for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and when Mo_Eats asked for suggestions for pairings for her favorite winter dish, brussels sprouts with cream, he suggested a brown ale, such as Moose Drool. This is another favorite beer of mine, and brussels sprouts are a favorite vegetable. So this is a win in my book. Try this recipe for brussels sprouts with bacon and cream.

3. Crispin “The Saint” Hard Apple Cider with double cream brie.

I usually prefer beers over ciders, but once and awhile a really good cider comes along. Crispin makes fantastic Ciders. The Saint is crisp and has a very very subtle hint of maple syrup. There is also a crazy little hint of yeast in the flavor. Overall, it works so so well with a good, creamy brie. The crispness offsets the richness, and the sweetness compliments the buttery-ness.

4. Avery The Reverend Quadrupel Ale with English Stilton

I love me some Avery Beers. They are known for making big beers, and the Reverend is no exception. It’s 10% ABV, but surprisingly smooth. It is complex… sweet, a bit fruity, like dried fruits, a bit spicy. Stilton is a big bold cheese. Like the beer, it too has fruity flavors and a certain spicy feel to the tongue that makes the two go well together. The sweetness of the beer also sort of mellows the sharpness and funkiness of the cheese, much like putting honey on gorgonzola (you should try that, if you haven’t…..spectacular.)

Do you have any favorite food-drink pairings? Tell us!!

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  1. December 12, 2010 8:48 pm

    well…shit. now I want a Brooklyn Imperial Chocolate Stout and a 10 oz NY strip. That’s my go-to-date night all by myself. also, mad props on the Avery. Love, love, love the Reverend.


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