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where the cookies roam

July 11, 2010

A baking rack of Free Range goodies.

Although it is a scant 5 minutes away from my house, I only just made it to Free Range Cookies in downtown Ferguson last week. I had heard good things about it, so when I needed desserts for a party, and was too lazy to make something myself, I finally went to taste/see these gluten-free, dairy-free delights. I was greeted by the owner/baker, Linda. Linda is such a sweet lady (pun intended). I got a bunch of different cookies and cupcakes, and was impressed by the yumminess of it all. Check out Linda in this recent TV piece! (Follow Free Range Cookies on Twitter)

mmmm... donut.

Yesterday, I lured FBM’s official photographer, Corey Woodruff (see his Salume Beddu pics in this post), to North County with the promise of tasty confections. He’s so easy 🙂 When we arrived, Linda was working on perfecting a gluten-free chocolate cake donut. Corey just happens to be a donut aficionado, and was able to offer Linda some encouragement and recommendations on making what will hopefully be an award-winning pastry.

My favorite. Linda's brownies are moist, chewy and super-chocolatey.

The name Free Range cookies comes from a recurring dream Linda had, in which cookies were running around playing. For instance, in one of these dreams, she found herself playing soccer against a giant cookie that was decorated like a soccer ball. I love picturing this! If you are gonna have crazy dreams, giant running cookies is the way to go.

Linda getting some baguettes out of the oven.

The offerings at the front of the shop are all in a freezer. Linda does this because they have no preservatives, and she calls herself practical. She knows that people who need to eat gluten-free (Linda herself has Celiac’s disease, which means no gluten for her), can’t get to her shop for goodies every day, so buying frozen will keep stuff fresh for longer. She is not yet able to take debit/credit cards, so be sure to bring cash or a check. She also sells fun novelty toys like Bacon lip balm and Squeeze toys. The place just makes you smile.

Squeeze Toy!

Free Range Cookies does indeed sell cookies. Chocolate Chunk, Cranberry Oatmeal, Banana Oatmeal, Quinoa, and their bestseller is a Chocolate Crackle cookie. There are also cupcakes and, my favorite, rich, chewy, extra-chocolatey brownies.

Linda taking some 3-Seed Focaccia from the pan.

Hamburger buns.

Free Range Cookies also makes savory baked goods. Hamburger & hotdog buns, Pita bread, pizza crust, baguettes, focaccia, etc. While there we tasted the hamburger bun, which we feel would really hold up well to and compliment a juicy burger, and the 3-seed focaccia which had great fennel-seed flavor that would be great with a pastrami sandwich.

Freezer of offerings.

I grew up in Ferguson, and live here currently. In the past 10 years there has been quite a bit of growth in the town. Late last year a wine bar, Cork, opened. Earlier this year Hill Brewpub opened. We have a quaint coffee shop, an ice cream stand in an old train station, a farmer’s market, and a new town square for events. I’ve always loved my hometown, and it just seems to keep getting better. Free Range Cookies is a great addition. Most of Linda’s customers are from other parts of St. Louis… Clayton, Chesterfield, Ladue etc. People who would probably not visit Ferguson otherwise. So, Thanks, Linda! 🙂


Vote for Linda’s Chocolate Cake donuts here!

There was a story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch last year by Diane Keaggy, but the internet seems to have eaten it. Evan Benn to the rescue! Here are PDFs of the story about my Hip Hood: ferg1 ferg2

Also from the Post Dispatch, A review of Hill Brewing, which is across the Street from Free Range Cookies, where Woody & I ate lunch after visiting Linda!

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  1. Todd Vierling permalink
    July 12, 2010 10:59 am

    You can also buy the Free Range Cookies at Kaldi’s Coffee Company stores. Kaldi’s now owns Kayak at Skinker and Forest Park Parkway. I wonder who else carries the cookies? I know Whole Foods did at one time, maybe they still do.

  2. Abby permalink
    July 12, 2010 12:08 pm

    Great feature! I’ve also heard great things about Linda and Free-Range Cookies but hadn’t taken a trip to No Co to see for myself. You just gave me at least one good reason to do so – donuts! Mmm…

  3. ironstef permalink*
    August 18, 2010 11:50 am

    UPDATE! Linda’s donut won the recipe contest. Way to go, Free Range Cookies!

  4. January 26, 2011 1:52 am

    Congratulations on your best food blog win!
    Just wanted to mention – I have a Square credit card reader, so customers should bring some plastic if they want to see how an iPod processes credit cards. Fun! Paperless! I’ll go now!


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